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CLAIMS CORNER – Water Damage

Water – it has a way of sneaking in when you are least prepared. It will get through the smallest crack or crevice, even those you did not know existed. So here are some simple tips to help you if something happens.

What to do If You Suffer a Water Loss in Your Home:

  • If water is coming from your main water source, turn off water at the main valve.

  • Contact your insurance agent to file a claim.

  • With your agents assistance, contact a water damage restoration company such as Servpro or Service Mater.

Take the necessary steps to mitigate or reduce further damage. Examples are:

  • Do not increase room temperature as this creates additional moisture.

  • Turn on all exhaust fans. (in bathroom, kitchen, attics, etc)

  • Set up any portable fans that you have around the house.

  • If possible, get any furniture off the carpets to avoid staining.

  • Most important: Never assume that a water loss is solved by cleaning up the surface water. Water can seep into many unknown areas. If a professional is called when the loss occurs, they can dry these unknown areas and prevent additional damage.

Quick Tips to Help Prevent a Water Loss:

  • Make sure you check your intake/outtake hoses on your washer. These hoses should be firm; if they are soft they may need to be changed. These hoses should be checked at least twice a year and changed every 4 to 5 years.

If you are leaving on vacation:

  • In the winter, leave the kitchen sink on a slow drip to keep the water flowing throughout the pipes to prevent freezing.

  • In the summer, you may elect to shut off the main water source to your house; remember to also shut off the hot water heater.

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