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Project 968; Whether you are a couch potato or a collegiate athlete, Michael Browder has you covered

Michael Browder is the man when it comes to helping you become a healthier, stronger and more active you. A 10-year veteran in the fitness industry and owner of Project 968, Michael and his team can help you get off the couch, fire-up your workout, or just get your body moving… and you’ll have a lot of fun doing it!

Geared for people ranging in age from 5 on up, Michael will tailor a fitness program that fits your needs and gives you full access to researched protocols, proven methodology and individual support in a community setting.

When asked why he created Project 968 Michael told us that he wanted to provide an alternative to a traditional gym, a place where everyone feels comfortable working out.

Each morning, and at no additional fee, Michael will create a workout for all members and provide instruction on how to move safely and effectively. He strives to provide as much individual attention to each member as possible.

Michael is big believer in building confidence through working out and assisting people of all capacities and levels navigate a path to healthier life. With a well-rounded background in general fitness, athletic performance, weight loss, increasing strength, flexibility and mobility, you couldn’t be in better hands.

Michael has a passion for helping people realize their fitness goals. He will challenge your limits and push you hard, but only because he knows you can achieve the goals that you set out to reach. This is why Michael and Dena, owner of DML Insurance, hit it off so well! She is not only his insurance agent, but she is also a Project 968 member.

When we asked Michael why he hired Dena to be his broker, he replied:

"Since our first conversation I knew Dena with DML Insurance Services would be my broker. Her attention to detail, promptness and honesty was clear and sincere. I will continue to use Dena and refer her to everyone I know!" MB

Check out the Project 968 website or give Michael a call, your body will thank you!

Project 968

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