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Alexis Taylor

Executive Assistant


Executive Assistant for DML Insurance since November of 2022, charmed mother since 2016, star gazer, and nature lover since birth.

Prior to joining the team at DML Insurance I worked as the Studio Manager and Executive Assistant for a fast-paced production company based in Los Angeles, CA for 5 1/2 years before moving into full-time parenting for our two beautiful kiddos.
In 2021 we moved our family of four from Los Angeles to my hometown in Seattle.


When I’m not working, you’ll find me with my little ones outdoors, rain or shine; splashing in puddles, lifting up rocks to see what’s underneath and smelling all the flowers along our path. I find that every adventure outdoors offers the gift of excitement and discovery and I carry that excitement for discovery into all aspects of my life, including my work at DML Insurance.

Each day I strive to stretch myself beyond what I know and learn something new, accepting any failures along the way as opportunities for growth. Being a part of a bustling insurance agency led by such a passionate, committed, and hard-working individual like Dena, there is always an opportunity to be inspired and to say “Yes!” to taking on something new and exciting, whether it’s assisting with marketing for one of the many non-profits she supports or working on streamlining processes that keep the company evolving with new technologies as they emerge.

To “leave something better than you found it” is the directive I operate with and that ethos dictates how I engage in the world, from being an environmental steward, to working with the amazing team at DML Insurance and interacting with the community connected to it! I take wholehearted delight in helping others in any capacity I’m able to and thrive on the successes of others around me. Their win is my win.

It’s an absolute privilege to work for a company like DML Insurance, which shares the same values, prioritizes community and giving back, and alongside people who treat each other and their clients like family.

I look forward to each new adventure and challenge that comes my way here at DML and for the opportunity to get to help you, whether directly or behind the scenes!

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