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Assistant Account Manager of Personal Lines and Ryan’s righthand man since October of 2023. 


I’m a Pacific Northwest native, born and raised in Eastern Washington. I’ve been in the insurance industry for about four years and have absolutely loved being able to build and maintain relationships with clients, help them protect their assets and make them feel safe.


My passion is photography. I love being able to capture special moments, such as when I’m hiking and taking landscape photos of Mount Rainer, or taking photos at a wedding and capturing someone’s special moment. I also love watching football & basketball, hiking and camping in my free time. One of the most important things to me though is family, they keep me going and are always my inspiration. I have a big family and I’m often traveling to enjoy celebrations with them.


I’m really happy to be working with DML Insurance, where I know I’m valued. Its nice to be working with supportive and friendly professionals that make work fun, and make me feel like family.

Marco Mejia

Assistant Account Manager


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