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Welcome to Our Community

Partnering with and supporting community organizations goes beyond financial transactions or surface-level recognition. It's about forming personal connections with non-profits that align with our values and the identity we aspire to as a business. While financial contributions are important, they are just one aspect. True engagement involves actively participating, getting involved in meaningful ways, and contributing hands-on to enhance our community.

At DML, we view our non-profit partners as the true heroes. They drive change, champion causes, and altruistically support the success of others. Their impact reverberates locally, nationally, and even globally as they uplift, empower, and assist individuals. These organizations play pivotal roles, whether it's uplifting underprivileged communities, promoting spay/neuter initiatives, aiding survivors of domestic violence, offering LGBTQ scholarships, delivering exceptional theater experiences, or a myriad of other impactful endeavors.

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Our Community Partnerships

Each organization you see below represents more than just an affiliation – it signifies a shared commitment to improving lives, fostering growth, and leaving a lasting impact. As an insurance agency deeply rooted in this community, we understand that real change happens when individuals and businesses come together with a shared purpose.


Join us in celebrating the spirit of collaboration, empathy, and progress. Together, we are writing a story of positive change, one partnership at a time.

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