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Partnering and supporting community organizations isn’t just about writing a check, or printing a logo in a program or receiving accolades for an investment. It’s about making a personal connection to a non-profit that speaks to who we are and what kind of business we want to be. Yes, there is a financial component but it’s much more than that. It’s about showing up, rolling up your sleeves and helping with the hard work of making our community a little better.  


At DML, our non-profit partners are our hero’s. They are the change-makers and the champions, the ones who selflessly and sometimes silently help others succeed. The impact of what these groups achieve is felt locally, nationally and even internationally as they assist, uplift, encourage and help so many. These organizations build-up low income communities, produce spay/neuter programs, help people break free from domestic violence, provide LGBTQ scholarships, produce outstanding theatre and so much more.


When asked why giving back is so important, Dena Levine responded:

“Because I can.  I was so fortunate to have people who believed in me which
has helped me succeed.  I want others to know that I believe in them and they can succeed too
– no matter how they define success.”
Dena Levine

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