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Cat Cuddles

We’ve got your back, paws, whiskers, and tail...

We can help cover your four legged friends, cats and dogs, for hundreds of accidents, illnesses, and urgent care needs. A policy from one of our carriers could cover trips to the vet, treatments, prescription medications, and more.

Wellness Plans

Many of our pet wellness plans provide up to $750 over the course of each plan year to spend on this type of treatment.

We’ve listed a few different “wellness” oriented treatments below to give you an idea of what is covered:

• Annual wellness exams
• Vaccinations
• Flea & tick preventative care
• Heartworm testing and preventative care
• Prescribed nutritional supplements
• Spaying or neutering
• Dental preventive cleanings
• Prescription pet foods

At the Vet

To learn more about how we can help you protect the furriest members of your family, call and chat with one of our agents. 206.838.9077 or email

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