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Pawsitive Alliance, protecting our four legged family members!

Pawsitive Alliance (PA), an animal advocacy organization with a big heart helping dogs and cats throughout Washington do what they do best, love their owners.

Founded in 2005 with its official mission to help end the killing of adoptable dogs and cats in Washington by increasing adoptions, supporting spay and neuter programs, and improving pet retention. Since its beginning PA has helped more than 6000 cats and dogs find loving and happy homes.

Not a rescue organization but rather a rescue partner, Pawsitive Alliance sponsors multiple events throughout year with one goal in mind, to get as many adopters in one place as possible. Then, with sometimes as many as 15 to 20 animal shelters, they work to place those animals with qualified people looking to add a new member to the family.

Each year they produce events such as “Woof Stock” which yields more than a 100 adoptions in one day or the annual “Hoe Down” where more than 80 animals are successfully placed. These events are the cornerstone of their outreach plan.

Events such as these are not limited to just dogs but our feline friends as well. Whether cat or dog, each event is designed to match the right pet to the right owner.

Recently the organization launched a new program called “Dog Concierge”. This is a specialized program that enlists local dog trainers, behaviorists and experts to help you and your family find the right pet to fit your lifestyle.

Unfortunately, adoption only solves half the problem when dealing with dog and cat over population. That is why PA has a robust spay and neuter program which they believe is essential in any pet advocacy outreach plan.

PA is statewide and offers a wide array of services to a very large group of pet owners. For instance, the organization knows that sometimes financial circumstances can prevent an ordinarily wonderful pet owner from properly caring for their animal. PA will step in and assist the pet owner to ensure that the owners can keep their pets at home safe and sound.

PA works tirelessly to build relationships with private, local and state run organizations throughout the region. By doing so they can expand their reach, help more animals find loving homes and support more and more pet owners.

This is an organization that is constantly looking at ways to expand the services it can provide and break into new geographic areas of the state. The resources that it takes to properly care for and place an animal in a new home continues be a challenging effort, but one that is met through grants and private donations. Each year more and more people step up to help these vulnerable and loving creatures.

At DML Insurance this particular organization is felt near and dear to the heart. DML Founder Dena has been a long term supporter and sponsor of Pawsitive Alliance.

There are lots of ways that you can get involved in Pawsitive Alliance, whether supporter, donor or volunteer there is always need.

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