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Featured Client: 3R Technology

With technologies changing quickly, we’ve all faced the dilemma of what to do with our old computer, television or printer when a newer model takes its place. Trashing old electronics at the dump is practically guaranteed to send hazardous materials and toxic chemicals including lead, arsenic and mercury back into the environment. Hardly an eco-friendly, guilt-free solution.

For many individuals, non-profits, businesses, schools and government agencies in the Seattle area, the solution is 3R Technology.

3R Technology takes old electronics and either recycles or resells 100 percent of the product leaving no waste. Hundreds of thousands of tons of electronics pass through their Georgetown warehouse every year, from computers, printers and monitors to televisions, servers and copiers.

“There’s an awful lot of technology that gets thrown away,” says Scott Barker, general manager. “And, it’s bad for the environment and makes bad economic sense.”

The company provides free recycling services for individuals, non-profits and small businesses (fewer than 50 employees), as well as more comprehensive fee-based services including data destruction for larger companies.

3R Technology takes pride in the fact that anything a customer brings in is handled in an environmentally responsible manner. In 2012 they became “R2” certified, a third-party certification that sets stringent requirements for electronics recyclers. 3R Technology is one of only a few companies in Washington State with an R2 designation.

While computers and printers are among the more common electronics they recycle, 3R Technology will accept virtually anything that has an electronic component. They’ve taken in medical equipment, an MRI bed and even a computer dating from the late 1970s. Good to know that our historic relics aren’t sitting for eternity in a landfill.

To learn more about 3R Technology, visit or call (206) 957-2682. They are located at 5511 First Ave. South in Seattle.

Written by Linnea Westerlind, 5/2013

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